Collector’s Guide to Fine Art 101

December 27, 2009

Current economic conditions have opened up the questions of how to approach the purchase of Museum Quality Art Work as a hope of an additional and eventual  form of financial covering.

Topics that I hope to cover

1.How to recognize Museum Quality Art Work.

2. How to choose Artists that are serious about their work  still being around in 200 years.

3. Art  as a potential investment

4. Living and loving your purchases versus fast turnover

5. Educating yourself on what makes a good painting.

 6. Art Work that will retain value

7.  Art work that will increase in value

8. Building a body of purchased work that may be  sold at auction

9. Investing yourself in your past time.

10. History : The Havemyers and Mary Cassatt.

11. Caring for Art work.

Introduction to Q Cross Thumbprint’s

December 26, 2009

As an artist dedicated to the Fine Arts, classical realism and the Oil Painters of America, I am beginning to dialog with the group of collectors who follow both my work and my newsletter.

The flavor of how it unfolds is yet to be determined.  I am looking forward to chatting about the peculiar area of painting with fingers as my personal necessity dictates. Perhaps the encouragement of younger artists coming up through the process is where my expertise can be best used.      Q

Hello world!

December 26, 2009

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